The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Corporate Marquee Event

Why Use a Marquee Tent for Your Corporate Event?

Marquee tents offer unique benefits for large-scale corporate events and conferences. They’re ideal for providing cover from unpredictable weather like rain and the hot sun while allowing fresh air flow which protects attendees and equipment from the elements. Marquees can also be set up almost anywhere and customised with interior walls, flooring, lighting and furniture to create versatile event spaces that are tailored to your requirements.

With a wide range of sizes to choose from, with some able to hold thousands of guests, a marquee offers space for any event, whether you’re planning conferences, performances or exhibits. Renting a tent is often more affordable than renting out large indoor venues and convention centres large enough to accommodate your guest list, saving businesses on overhead costs. These temporary marquee structures also allow for quick set-up and tear down before and after the event with minimal disruption.

Marquees are a smart, eye-catching option for companies aiming to produce a memorable branded experience outside the typical conference hall setting. With creative decor and programming, a marquee tent space can help make any corporate event unique.


Planning and Logistics

Selecting the right venue is a foundational decision when planning a marquee event. You first need to consider the number of people who will be attending, so you can choose a setting and layout that accommodates your guest list. Be sure to research rental fees and availability when considering the options.

Building a detailed event budget is crucial for keeping costs under control. Factor in all potential expenses like the marquee rental itself, along with catering, A/V equipment, signage, entertainment, insurance, décor and staffing. Don’t forget small items like printed programmes or lanyards either, if your event necessitates them. It’s always a good idea to pad the budget with a 10-15% overage buffer for unexpected costs.

Develop a promotional plan across email, social media and advertising platforms, with a branded event hashtag and graphic designs to ensure consistency for your guests. You can also streamline all event registrations through an online platform that tracks RSVPs and payments for added convenience. This makes it easier to keep track of your guestlist and budget.


Event Design and Production

Crafting an engaging theme and visual identity is key to tying all event elements together into a cohesive experience that your guests will remember. Work with graphic designers to create branded colours, fonts and logos for signage, wristbands, lanyards and backdrops.

You also need to consider how lighting, sound and AV needs will work with your marquee venue, especially if you’re planning an evening event. Putting on a corporate event often means investing in large screens, projectors and livestream equipment for presentations and performances, so hire experienced technicians to oversee audio, and video feeds.

Visually appeal to guests through decor elements like floral centrepieces, balloon structures, linen rentals or themed props. Use signage and decorative lighting to designate different event areas and direct foot traffic, adding product demos and interactive installations strategically throughout the space.

Blackout Marquee

Post-Event Follow Up

Sadly, the work doesn’t end once the last guest leaves. Be sure to send thank you notes to all involved vendors, venues, speakers and staff, which will go a long way to maintaining relationships for future events, and follow up with your guests for feedback.

It’s a good idea to track key metrics like event attendance, revenue generated, website traffic, media coverage secured and social media impressions to determine overall event success. These can be compared to pre-defined business goals and key performance indicators to monitor performance.

Now’s the time to also hold a debrief session with your event team and stakeholders where you can celebrate successes and begin planning how you can make next year even more memorable. Marquee events take months of preparations, but thorough follow up and reporting are the final steps to completing the event cycle.

Planning a marquee corporate event is a complex undertaking, but the payoff in terms of media buzz, attendee engagement and reaching business goals makes it all worthwhile. By following this guide, you now have the insights needed to secure an iconic venue, design an unforgettable event and manage logistics with precision. To book one of our corporate marquees for your next event or to receive a no obligation quote, get in touch with the team at Strawberry Marquees today.