Temporary Classrooms


As schools deal with fluctuating enrolment and construction projects, the need for temporary classroom space arises. Marquees provide an excellent temporary solution, creating modular spaces that can be set up quickly and provide a comfortable learning environment. Our marquees provide a number of benefits as temporary classrooms and can be used for a wide range of uses, including the following:

Emergency Classrooms

temporary marquee for classrooms

Marquees can be erected in just hours, providing classroom space when you need it quickly. The modular design allows for fast assembly. Marquees can be scaled to any size required, with structures available to accommodate small or large groups. Layouts can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

Cost-effective solutions

marquee hire

Compared to permanent construction, marquees offer a budget-friendly solution for temporary classrooms. There’s no need for complex foundations or lengthy construction. Marquees can be taken down just as quickly as they’re set up. The structures can be moved and reused as needs change.

Comfortable temporary spaces

internal shot of marquee

Our marquees allow for climate control through portable air conditioning units or heating equipment to keep students comfortable in any weather. Integrated electrical systems provide interior lighting as well as power outlets for audio-visual equipment, computers and other devices needed in a classroom setting. Together, these features allow our marquees to be transformed into functional and comfortable classroom spaces.

Temporary Sports Buildings

Sports Structure

Our marquees can be used as temporary classrooms and spaces for a wide range of lessons, including P.E. Temporary marquees can be used as sports buildings can be the perfect solution for leisure activities, hobbies and professional and semi-professional sports clubs. Our robust, modular designs can be adapted to any space and requirements.


At Strawberry Marquees, all our marquees are made from durable, fire-retardant and UV-resistant materials designed to safely shelter students. Get in touch to discuss how we can provide the ideal temporary classroom spaces for your needs. Our marquees are available for hire in London, Sussex and across the UK. Contact us on 07548 384535 or use the contact form below.

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