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Whether you’re celebrating a garden party, birthday, christening or any other kind of festivity in East-Sussex, Strawberry Marquees has handled them all! We know you want your celebration to be the best in town and for it to have that WOW factor. Our large variety of marquees offers infinite possibilities. Whether you want a marquee to be linked to your house in East-Sussex for a BBQ or to produce an extraordinary event experience for a birthday

All our quotes are free, personalised and are without any obligation. Looking for a marquee for your party or celebration?

How do you then choose the right marquee? And what kind of marquee would you choose for your celebration? You’ll also need to measure the size of the group and the actual room you have for positioning the marquee in.

So how can you get started? The size of your marquee depends on your number of invited guests. To accurately determine the number of seats and size of the room required, we’ll need to know how many people will be attending the party.

Your Party, Our Beautiful Marquee

Bespoke Party Marquees

Which kind of party are you looking at having?

A marquee is similar to a blank canvas ready to be painted on The analogy is accurate Would you like your party in East-Sussex to look modern, maybe with a retro theme? Or cool and colourful? Say white and airy? In a party tent, all styles can be easily implemented – although some more elaborate styles may hurt your pocket! Our marquees are white, and ivory and black-out linings can also be added. Their aluminium frames make hanging items, such as lanterns, draped fabric, and flower baskets, from the walls or roof easy. Almost any look is possible, when combined with lighting effects. We are pleased to help bring your favourite style into practise, or to suggest ideas.

Themed Party Marquees

Strawberry Marquees provides a comprehensive solution for hiring marquees for any event in East-Sussex. Our event managers will collaborate with you to plan, design and organise your party. Our Strawberry Marquee coordinators will explain to you how your ideas suit the available space.

  • Site Visit
  • Decide on a layout and style
  • Plan your finances
  • Design your Perfect Party Marquee
  • Relax and let us take the strain off your shoulders

With Strawberry Marquees the style of your party in East-Sussex is limited only by your imagination. We use clear span marquees that make the most of the marquee’s interior space, thereby allowing for the perfect space for your party.

Are you looking for the customary folded ivory lining or a complete blackout marquee with starlight roofing? All options are available with our party marquee packages. Our dedicated event managers will assist you at every step, from colour schemes to table decorations. We provide a complete party package in East-Sussex with a full range of equipment such as furniture, lining, lighting, and even a bar. Our marquee services cover many types of parties, such as birthday parties, dinner parties, garden parties, christmas parties, baby showers and countless other types of events. Our party marquee hire can come with all-event floors, tables, chairs, toilets, lighting, heating, a bar, and any other customised service you want.

We look forward to working with you on themed parties or more conventional parties in East-Sussex. We have marquees and options tailored for your needs in East-Sussex, regardless of the size of your party. We Offer Complete Party Design Services for:

Marquee Interiors

A plain marquee allows for unlimited possibilities when designing the interior. We have a unique collection of coordinated accessories in-store at Strawberry Marquees, each designed in varied colours to match your theme. We supply linings, special lighting, and carpets that will completely transform your party.

Dinning Marquees

We hire out custom-made dining marquees to clients. Installing this marquee can be done anywhere in East-Sussex – in a house courtyard, a garden, or even a bay by the sea. Our dining marquees are well-suited for catering for a dinner party of 50 guests or 500. They are designed with an entrance porch, a great window view and a kitchen section. We pay careful attention to ensure each design meets your specifications.


Strawberry Marquees offers a variety of dance flooring designs. We have a black & white chequered dance floor as well as a parquet wooden dance floor, and you can choose any option that suits you best in East-Sussex. As well as the installation of marquees and their interior features, we provide unique structures to make your party spectacular.

Bar Areas

Our marquee bars with 10ft LED treatment come in different specifications to match your needs. Our bars are expertly set up, and there are many units for you to use.

Clear Roofs

You can defy the normal traditional marquee feel and give your party an outdoor atmosphere with our clear roof marquees.

Stage & Scaffolding

We provide a variety of stage and scaffolding types, and our modular staging systems satisfy the British Quality Mark IS09901 standard. No matter the shape or size of the stage you want, we can satisfy your needs.

Themed Décor

Many of our customers organise themed parties. From seasonal to movie themes, we have staged all sorts and we are happy to add you to our list of satisfied customers in East-Sussex.

Party Marquee Equipment & Accessories in East-Sussex

Strawberry Marquees can provide equipment for hire, whether it comes with a marquee or not. We offer event hire options for any client party, anytime they need it. Our event supervisors are well trained to help you cater for up to 500 people. They will assist you in the careful planning, designing and setting up your party. Call or email us now for your free no-obligation quote.

Carpets & Flooring

Our flooring services are made to match your style and requirements. We stock different carpet colours, coconut matting, and hard wooden floorings.

Tables & Chairs

We value the comfort of your guests at Strawberry Marquees. We supply different varieties of bespoke tables and chairs for your party. We have an extensive range of options for your needs, from highchairs for children, banquet chairs and lime-wash Chiavari chairs, to poseur tables and round tables of different sizes

Marquee Heating Hire

Blistering sunny weather or a cold, snowy outdoors on your D-day? No problem! We always have thermostatically controlled heating to make sure the temperature is perfect for you.

Marquee Lighting Hire

Lighting is a great way to introduce charm and colour to your event. With our wide experience, we know how to add warmth and character to parties in East-Sussex and make your guests feel at home using effective lighting. Setting the right tone for your party often begins with a well-planned lighting scheme.

Generator Hire

Generator-for-rent is Available for your Party. We have quiet-running and very fuel-efficient generators, which are the perfect complement for your event. Before your generator leaves our warehouse, we ensure it is serviced and tested and that the power runs smoothly, without a hitch.

Luxury Loo Hire

Guests will find our luxury mobile toilets the perfect place to freshen up. They are spacious with unique, advanced features. They are constantly maintained and include features such as full-length mirrors, hand wash/lotion dispensers and hand dryers.

Celebrations we build Party Marquees in East-Sussex

Birthday party

Dinner party

Garden Party

Cocktail Party

The Benefits and Advantages of Hiring a Marquee for Your Party in East-Sussex

The Benefits of Having a Marquee for your Party in East-Sussex The party marquees can be customised to suit your personal style and form of celebration. You may tailor our party marquees to suit your personal and festive style, and the tone and style of your party. There’s plenty of variety in architecture and the interior options. Numerous consumers have used our marquees over the years for all kinds of parties and events, such as birthday parties, cocktail parties, garden parties, graduation parties, and baby showers. The advantages of hiring a festival marquee include:

Constructed for a Purpose

Your party must represent your style. Nothing is better than having a personalised marquee that resonates with that theme. You may add your own choice of colours, accessories, furniture and themes. Pole marquees are of various sizes, each with its own distinctive characteristics that can convey the right party atmosphere. Everything about a marquee is customised to your needs, including architecture, open walls, walk-throughs, and lighting. You choose the floor and style of dance floor that you want. A marquee comes with a range of appliances and accessories to make the party feel amazing.

No Limitations:

With our tents and our marquees, the sky is your limit. When you hold a party in a traditional space, you will have restrictions on the number of guests, and you may not have a say in the layout of the room. On the other hand, a marquee gives you the flexibility to fully customise the decor and layout of your party! Marquees allow you to let your creativity have free rein. You can easily configure your space to accommodate various numbers of guests – whether you want to host 20 or 500 guests, all you need is the right size.


Do you want your party near your home in East-Sussex? Where exactly do you want it? Perhaps you want your party close to a special venue? You can do this by choosing a place and hiring a pole marquee. Our marquees can be placed anywhere, on any kind of terrain. Our expert team can provide you with many options, even if the terrain seems uneven.


You have space for yourself with a marquee. Your guests don’t need to scream at the top of their voices to be heard. You can hold your party without prying eyes.

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Will the event be held at a venue or in your home’s garden in East-Sussex?


How many guests are you expecting? Will you be having a sit-down meal, or will everyone be standing?


Do you desire a 21st-century festival-themed party with fire pits for toasting marshmallows or a modern, black-tie 50th birthday look?


Can a standard socket for power be connected from there and can guests use the bathroom?

Want to keep your guests out of the house?

No problem. We can help facilitate this by providing generators and self-contained toilets units to keep the party going ’til the early hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What style of party marquees are available?

We have party marquees suitable for all budgets and cater for everything – from a basic covering to attach to the side of the house to make extra room for a dance floor, to a 300-person sit-down event with a live band to keep your guests dancing all night long.

Can you use marquees for parties at any time of the year?

You can’t choose when your birthday is and when it’s time to celebrate, so we’re not just limited to the summer. With levelled timber floors, fresh carpets, and thermostatically operated heaters, it can be the coldest outdoor night, and your visitors won’t notice it while they dance away.

Can marquees be warm enough for winter parties?

We have diesel-powered thermostatically controlled heaters to ensure the marquee stays warm and patio heaters for outside areas.

What are party marquees like in extreme weather conditions?

Not only watertight, our party marquees can handle wind speeds of up to 60mph.

How far ahead of the party date must I rent the marquee?

It is advisable to book at least a month and a half before the event date to guarantee availability.

How long does setting up a party marquee take?

It all depends on the size and specification – from a couple of hours to a couple of days. You will get a definite answer from your coordinator once you decide on the specification.

How much time does it take to set up a party marquee?

Please take a look at the guide provided above on this page.

How long does setting up a party marquee take?

This can only be known after you have provided your specifications. However, our basic packages start at £300 + VAT.

Do uplighters provide ample lighting?

If you are just having drinks & dancing, uplighters are a great way to set the ambience. Chandeliers and spotlights are recommended if you will be dining.

Will we need a generator?

Yes, if we can’t run leads to and from your venue/house

Does Strawberry Marquees have insurance cover?


Is Strawberry Marquees covered by insurance?

Yes, we are

Public Liability

£5,000,000 for every occurrence

Products Liability

For each and every occurrence and in the aggregate, £5,000,000

Employer’s Liability

£10,000,000 covers each and every single occurrence When we turn over the marquee to the client, it becomes their responsibility and they need to get their own insurance.

Can pipes and cables under the ground get damaged by a marquee?

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that the area for the marquee is free of pipes or cables that can be damaged. Stakes for securing the tent measuring 2ft long are driven into the ground.

Could a marquee damage pipes or cables running under the ground surface?

We will try to keep any disturbance to your garden to a minimum. Due to adverse weather sometimes there will be some damage to the grass. Will having the marquee site in a restricted site be a problem?

On which surface is my party marquee ideal?

Grass or hardstanding ground is ok for your party tent.

Can I make amendments after confirming a booking?

A few modifications can be done two weeks before the event date.

Is it necessary to cut the grass?

All our marquees come with removable sides

Can we hire linen, cutlery, generators or toilets from you?

We outsource all of the above but are happy to provide an inclusive quote.

Can I make any changes after confirming my booking?

A few modifications can be done two weeks before the event date.

When is the final guest list number needed?

Two weeks in advance

Can I have other events contractors work with you?

We work on a regular basis with other event managers and are happy to recommend some.

Can I decorate the party marquee myself?

Of course. We can provide the basic shell of the marquee a couple of days before your event leaving you time to hang bunting, flowers etc.

Can I decorate the marquee myself?

Indeed, they are