Opt for a Clear Span Design When You Hire Party Marquee This Time

Clear span are a versatile, modular design that offer the best strength and quality. That is because they are supported by hard pressed frames which ensure sturdiness all the time. To put it in other words, they do not have any interior poles or support frames and that is what makes them more spacious as well.

When you hire party marquee, a clear span design does not interfere with the dance floor, the lighting, or furniture or any other things for that matter. This also allows for a multitude of lighting draping to be installed once the marquee has been set up. Unlike other kinds of party marquees in West Sussex, the clear span designs can be left erected for months. Their versatility comes from the fact that you can get entrance porches, glass windows and a wide range of creative details attached to the main structure very easily.

These marquees can be used for several purposes and are capable of withstanding severe weather even though they do not require any ropes or poles to keep them stable. So, be it conferences or exhibitions, clear span designs tend to be a smarter choice for an array of reasons and advantages.