Choosing The Right Marquee for Long-Term Hire

What Are Your Plans?

Hiring a marquee long-term rather than for one-off events can offer several advantages. It works out more affordable than repeatedly renting for short periods, and you don’t need to construct a permanent building but have a reliable covered space ready when you need it. There’s also flexibility to modify the layout for different gatherings and occasions.

As you make plans for functions and grow your business over the coming months and years, considering a long-term marquee hire could tick a lot of boxes. This guide covers all the key factors to think about when selecting one to meet your requirements and budget.

Common Uses for Long-Term Marquees

Long-term marquee hire provides businesses and event organisers a versatile space solution. These are some of the typical applications:

Retail Spaces: Erecting retail marquees can create pop-up shops, temporary showrooms or outdoor markets. They allow retailers to trial new premises, showcase product ranges or extend available space short-term.

Events: Marquees are commonly used to accommodate private functions like weddings and parties, but they can also be used for larger public events like food festivals and car shows. The spacious interiors and customisable layouts cater for diverse occasions.

Storage: Long-term marquees offer supplemental warehouse capacity to stores and distributors needing extra secure space for peaks in stock and inventory, such as during the festive season. Far cheaper than permanent buildings, they enable overflow stockpiling.

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TV/Film Marquees: Creating ‘temporary studios’ inside marquees is a common technique for on-location filming shoots requiring casting trailers, production offices and technical facilities.

Educational Spaces: Schools needing additional classrooms due to expanding enrolments often install marquees as economical extensions of their on-site facilities while permanent buildings are completed. But they can also be useful for times when larger groups gather, such as for test periods like students taking their GCSEs.

Marquees present versatile and cost-effective covered space solutions across a host of commercial contexts. But what should you consider before investing in commercial marquee hire?

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Key Factors When Selecting a Marquee

If you’ve weighed up the benefits of securing a marquee long-term, the next step is deciding which one best aligns with your needs and venue. Consider these key factors to make the right choice.

What size do you need?

Carefully estimate the number of guests you expect to accommodate now and in the future, and make sure to allow ample circulation space around seating if that’s required. Compare marquees of appropriate dimensions and choose one big enough but not excessively large for your needs.

Do you need to customise your marquee?

See what tailoring is possible to the marquee’s shape and interior format. Partition walls, removable flaps and attached side tents allow zones to be created or spaced and opened up as required.

Equipment Fit in & Out

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Check build quality

Check the strength and stability of the frame materials and fabric covers, along with anchoring solutions. When it comes to long-term marquees, you need to ensure it’s going to be durable enough to withstand wind, rain and snow.

Will you need professional installation?

Determine if you will dismantle and erect the marquee yourself between functions or pay for professionals to handle the installation for you. For larger marquees, it pays to have specialists such as our team of installers to take on the work so you can be confident it’s safe, secure and fit for purpose.

Do you need accessories?

What lighting, flooring, furniture and other decorative elements are needed for your marquee interior? Opting for a package deal as part of your rental agreement takes the hassle out of coordinating separate suppliers and ensures your marquee is ready to use straight away.

Logistical Considerations

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When arranging the long-term rental of a marquee, there are several key logistical considerations to evaluate. Firstly, estimate your expected usage frequency over the intended rental period to determine if committing to a long-term contract makes better financial sense than paying one-off costs each time you require the marquee.

Additionally, assess if the proposed marquee location has the necessary capacity for heavy vehicle access for delivery and collection, as well as adequate anchoring solutions to keep the structure securely grounded once erected. The location must accommodate sufficient weights and stakes driven into the ground. Consider the power requirements too – inform us in advance about any electrical equipment like lighting, music systems or catering appliances needing supply. We can then provide a suitable generator solution if mains power is unavailable at the site. Strawberry Marquees can carry out a site visit beforehand to ensure the space you intend to install your marquee is suitable.

Finally, discuss contingency plans with the supplier in case of unexpected issues like severe weather on the day or problems accessing the venue. Know in advance what postponement or cancellation policies are in place to protect your event interests if such situations arise.

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Selecting the appropriate marquee has big implications if you plan to hire it long-term for regular event hosting duties. Take sufficient time upfront to make the best choice before committing – making a well-informed marquee choice maximises the chance of successfully hosting all manner of occasions.

The peace of mind knowing a versatile and reliable venue solution is ready when you need it is well worth the diligent selection process. To find out more about our range of marquees available for hire or to request a site visit, contact us today.