Hire the Finest Wedding Marquees In Sussex To Create The Perfect Look

Hire the Finest Wedding Marquees In Sussex To Create The Perfect Look

We strongly believe that there is nothing more appealing than a marquee wedding where the venue and decor is done exactly the way you want.

There are a number of different marquee options out there, ranging from rustic styles and traditional pleated ivory lining to a full blackout marquee with a starlight that come across as a cherry on the top.

At Strawberry Marquees, we consider every single aspect of space and styling in detail creating an impeccable arena for your momentous day. We strive to transform your idea into reality! Here are a few elements of a stunning wedding marquee that create a spellbinding aura.

Mesmerising entrance:
Entrance speaks a lot, it communicates the spirit and the emotion of the day. That is why we make sure that you hire a wedding marquee whose classic entrance will be extremely enticing and inviting in the very first glance.

Aesthetic furniture:
Why would you want to dress your furniture like bridesmaids? At Strawberry Marquees, you get the most innovative and elegant furniture styles, exquisitely blended to make your D-day decor look unconventional, yet magnetic.

Handpicking the color:
We will help you pick the right color scheme for your wedding theme, be it rustic or a traditional celebration. If you’re into pastels, salmon pinks and mint greens is an ideal choice. However, if you’re addicted to colors like rust and copper, a dash of aqua will make a colossal impact.

So, hire the best wedding marquees in SussexStrawberry Marquees and convert your wedding day into an elaborate experience to be remembered and rejoiced till the end.

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