Make the Grand Evening an Enhancing & Tailored Event – With Corporate Marquees to Fit in Everyone

Make the Grand Evening an Enhancing & Tailored Event – With Corporate Marquees to Fit in Everyone

Whether you are wondering about a large arrangement, or simply planning to hold a special event with professional acquaintance and integrity, you should focus on selecting the most desirous offsetting to accommodate everyone in prosperity, and with ease!

Choose the best marquee hire – in Strawberry Marquees and stay at ease of setting up the whole aura, simply because your corporate marquee hire will do that for you, as a part of the plan and package, that has been aligned to host the corporate event. With the capability of catering for up to 500 odd people, Strawberry marquees can provide everything an organization needs, from the marquee to the specially crafted linen on the table. From all corporate events, round the year, to the annual celebrations, to the once-in-a-blue-moon anniversary celebration – commemorating ideal landmarks, such as the 10th, 15th, 20th anniversary, we can help you hostcreatively.

Pass on the headache, and be at ease – for your corporate hires will look after every inch of detail from the first phone call, to the final farewell. With the Strawberry marquee staff, you are guaranteed a professional, reliable, and honest partner whenever you are looking forward to a corporate event or get-together.

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Opt for a Clear Span Design When You Hire Party Marquee This Time

Clear span are a versatile, modular design that offer the best strength and quality. That is because they are supported by hard pressed frames which ensure sturdiness all the time. To put it in other words, they do not have any interior poles or support frames and that is what makes them more spacious as well.

When you hire party marquee, a clear span design does not interfere with the dance floor, the lighting, or furniture or any other things for that matter. This also allows for a multitude of lighting draping to be installed once the marquee has been set up. Unlike other kinds of party marquees in West Sussex, the clear span designs can be left erected for months. Their versatility comes from the fact that you can get entrance porches, glass windows and a wide range of creative details attached to the main structure very easily.

These marquees can be used for several purposes and are capable of withstanding severe weather even though they do not require any ropes or poles to keep them stable. So, be it weddings, conferences or exhibitions, clear span designs tend to be a smarter choice for an array of reasons and advantages.

The Three Best Suited Marquees for Weddings

Outdoor weddings demand an appropriate setting that is shielded from the elements and at the same time, is able to create the right ambiance for the event. All of it can be better perfected when you are aware of the options that are available for you to choose from. So, before you finalise your marquee hire plans, know about the three main kinds that are best suited for weddings.

  1. Traditional pleated ivory lining: When finalising the marquees for wedding, there are certain tents and designs that you would notice come with pleated linings. These are the kinds that create a neutral background so you can add more vibrant and attractive furnishings to design an elegant decor that shines bright under the lights.
  2. Clearspan wedding marquee: These can spread over an area of 160 feet. Also, most of them are weather resistant. So, if you are afraid that it might get windy or rainy, you should request this kind for the event. There are no poles inside so the space appears clearer and neater.
  3. Full blackout marquees: These dark marquees create a luxurious ambiance with rooftop lighting that conjures up images of a starlit sky. This unique effect will charm one and all and give your wedding a fairy tale twist.

These are extremely easy to assemble and quite affordable. So, you can expect to save time as well as money. To know more about them, contact us today.

Transform your Open-Air Space into a Royal Venue with Marquee Hire in London

There are myriad different ways to celebrate an event. Be it a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event or a christening ceremony, one needs to pay special attention to the venue. If you’re planning to host it under the stars with beautiful lights embellishing the surroundings, it is a good idea, but you can never trust the weather. Instead, if you have chosen a clubhouse, a resort or any other such popular party venue then be prepared to shell out some big money as their rents are quite high.

There is a better alternative to all other options of hosting an event and it is hiring a marquee. The modern marquees are designed to serve in both summers and winters. They not only offer great ambience, but add a luxurious look to your event. A marquee hire in London is the best option because it can be customised to accommodate any number of guests and therefore, is the most suitable option. You are also free to choose any furniture and lining of your choice to suit your specific needs.

With a beautiful marquee for hire in London, you can creatively transform your open air space into a royal venue to host a wide range of events and parties.

Hire Exquisite Marquees in East Sussex For a Grand Affair

Deciding the right venue is a major part of your preparation for your most special day of life. Fixing the venue is important because the caterer and decoration is dependent on the place you decide to take your wedding vows. Amidst the raging trend of destination weddings, people are preferring a D-day celebration that gives them freedom and flexibility of having a perfect day. And a marquee wedding is the best option if you are planning to have a wedding day which has a distinct theme and is unique in its own way.

By organising a marquee wedding, you get complete control over both the catering and decoration arrangement. Unlike traditional venues, in a marquee wedding, caterers don’t come along with the venue wherein you only have limited choices. With a marquee wedding, you can select from an endless list of exciting food items you want your guests to taste. For the decoration part, a marquee styled wedding is literally a blank canvas to experiment with colors, designs and patterns to your heart’s desire. You can have a partly open marquee overlooking the beautiful surroundings or an all blackout marquee accompanied with starlight roofing. You can also use your own creativity and opt for old school style hanging lanterns to colorful paper frills.

Marquees also offer flexibility in choosing your guest list, you can have as many or as less guests because it is up to decide the size of the marquee. When you go for marquee hire in Sussex, you can have that perfectly designed and styled marquee for your wedding as per your choice. You will find all the information regarding booking and pricing for professional marquee hire in East Sussex on our website.

Hire Corporate Marquee in Sussex with Special Packages for A World-Class Event

Are you looking to host a corporate event or exhibition? When you are all set to organize a corporate event, it is essential to find a good venue, which has all the necessary facilities for the guests as well as the people organizing it. Mostly, people prefer an outdoor location to host such events.

However, outdoor spaces have a major drawback in the form of weather, especially the rains that can arrive anytime in the English conditions. Corporate marquees can save you from this hassle so that you don’t have to worry about finding a safe place for your guests in case of a downpour.

These are special tents that can cover the entire space and provide foolproof security from the outside weather conditions. Hiring a corporate marquee gives you the benefit of holding the event in the way you want. Also, by using corporate marquees, you can completely transform the look of your event by adding different elements like drapes on the ceiling and walls, atmospheric lighting and specialist visual displays that will help in impressing your clients.

We are the leading providers of corporate marquee hire packages for all kinds of small and big events. You can hire corporate marquee in Sussex from us to enjoy competitive pricing and superlative service.

Hire the Finest Wedding Marquees In Sussex To Create The Perfect Look

We strongly believe that there is nothing more appealing than a marquee wedding where the venue and decor is done exactly the way you want.

There are a number of different marquee options out there, ranging from rustic styles and traditional pleated ivory lining to a full blackout marquee with a starlight that come across as a cherry on the top.

At Strawberry Marquees, we consider every single aspect of space and styling in detail creating an impeccable arena for your momentous day. We strive to transform your idea into reality! Here are a few elements of a stunning wedding marquee that create a spellbinding aura.

Mesmerising entrance:
Entrance speaks a lot, it communicates the spirit and the emotion of the day. That is why we make sure that you hire a wedding marquee whose classic entrance will be extremely enticing and inviting in the very first glance.

Aesthetic furniture:
Why would you want to dress your furniture like bridesmaids? At Strawberry Marquees, you get the most innovative and elegant furniture styles, exquisitely blended to make your D-day decor look unconventional, yet magnetic.

Handpicking the color:
We will help you pick the right color scheme for your wedding theme, be it rustic or a traditional celebration. If you’re into pastels, salmon pinks and mint greens is an ideal choice. However, if you’re addicted to colors like rust and copper, a dash of aqua will make a colossal impact.

So, hire the best wedding marquees in SussexStrawberry Marquees and convert your wedding day into an elaborate experience to be remembered and rejoiced till the end.

Hire the Best Wedding Marquees in Sussex To Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special

Special days need special arrangements to make them grand and memorable. And wedding day for sure, is the most special and important day of a person’s life. So everyone goes out of their way in making sure that nothing goes wrong on their special day.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. There is so much to do and important decisions need to be taken keeping in mind the budget. However, you can save great amount of money by having an outdoor wedding and save the expense of a party hall. Marquees for wedding are the perfect way to go about having the perfect decoration for an outdoor wedding as they provide an amazing space and feeling to the event.

If you are planning a wedding in Sussex, hire wedding marquees in Sussex to create a lavish decor on a theme of your choice and make it the most enjoyable and memorable day of your life. You can view our catalogue and see what we are offering for weddings, corporate events, parties etc. You can also get a quote from us for an occasion by filling out a form on the website that would give you a ball point figure of the estimated price.

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Make Your Event a Grand Affair By Hiring Marquees For Parties

Whether it is a summertime wedding or an office party around Christmas, there are several reasons for hiring marquees for parties to make them an affair to remember. Apart from being affordable than most conventional venues, they also allow you to go creative with the furnishings and decorations.

Marquees aid in adding a touch of class to the proceedings at parties and award functions as they portray your company or event in a more sophisticated and charismatic light. The tall peaks of marquees allow you to decorate the interior of your party with large props, vibrant drapes, and high-tech audio & visual equipment. The fact that marquees have such a large area to use for event decoration and displays, means that you can coalesce any ilk of party themes.

With a marquee available in almost in any size and shape – long- square, L-shaped, regular, classical – you are able to stamp your character on the event in any way you choose, unlike with a traditional venue where the decoration and possibilities may be limited, and the size and shape are fixed. This is what makes marquees ideal for parties of all types. Therefore, by taking the help of a marquee service provider, you can arrange a hassle-free party at a competitive price. Go ahead and hire party marquees in West Sussex and turn your event into a gala celebration.

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Tips for Best Marquee Hire in East Sussex

Finding a reliable company that specialises in providing marquees for a variety of events is the best thing you can do to convert any given space into a personalised venue for a special celebration. Be it a wedding, a corporate function, social gathering or any other event for that matter, a good marquee that is set up by professionals can play a very important role in creating the right ambiance and leaving the right impression on the guests.

However, event marquee for hire can come in numerous shapes and sizes and the kind that you choose depends greatly on the kind of event that you would be hosting or organising. Ideally, you should keep the following things in mind for a good marquee hire in East Sussex.

  1. Plan the lighting according to the ambiance that you wish to be created. The colour and type of the lights that are used in the marquee play a major role in deciding how the overall setup would look like.
  2. The material of the marquee should also be understood and then, discussed with the professionals.
  3. Finally, you should set a budget after taking into consideration the size of the marquee, its type and other arrangement as well as the duration for which you would be hiring it.
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